Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Promise of Spring Part II

After I made the quilt I posted last, I had to use it because it got really cold outside but recently it has proved that yes, in fact, Spring is on its way! Yesterday we had highs in the lower 60s and today we have highs in the mid 60's. 

While looking at the computer I looked up to find Cricket staring at me:

He seems to do this quite often. I think it is a part of him going senile.

 During the beautiful days I got to do some yard work that desperately needed attending to. Edith is always ready to help outside. She was talking to me in the photo but it looks like she has bitten the twig in half! Ha!

Bud are starting to appear! Some of my buttercups and iris are shooting up through the ground too. 

I love this tree in our front yard. It is huge and will look so lovely when all the leaves are green. 

Yes, it seems the promise of Spring really is coming soon!

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