Tuesday, April 26, 2011

give it away, give it away, now!

 I made these two quilts for a local Child Advocacy Center. The center gives the quilts to children/teens during a medical examination as a means to comfort them during that scary time. The child/teen then takes the quilt home with them. Kids go to the advocacy center if they are abused or mistreated and thinking about that just breaks my heart. No child should ever have to go through the unspeakable horrors that echo off that center's walls.

 The lady I emailed with at center said they were in need of teen style quilts. I went through my stash and came with this cute pink and black combo.
 This was my first attempt of a pieced back and I enjoy it very much! I will be doing that more in the future.

 This quilt is geared towards "boy." I always find it hard to make a quilt for a guy! I just went with solid gray and that cute awesome penguin flannel print. You can just see the softness in it!

Here they are! Ready to be given away! When they are stacked like this, you can really see what a difference different types of quilting make. See how much loft the penguins seem to have? I quilted those very loosely with my walking foot verses the pink and black one that is quilted more tightly with free motion loops. 

Sounds like I'll have the Red Hot Chili Peppers in my head for a while now!


  1. A quilt is such a tangible piece of love and comfort and I hope these quilts provide lots of comfort for some child in need. I'm sure every bit of comfort can help improve these kids life a little. I am going to look around here for someplace that can use some quilts. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Those are great quilts. They sure will give lots of love. Nice job!!

  3. beautiful! Such a great cause too! Josh is a penguin nut so he would think that one was pretty awesome. Marla


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