Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Evidence of Giving is better than Receiving

The following pictures are of gifts that I handmade and the people who received them.

My mom with her apron, oven mitt, pot holder, and house-shoes.
Mama's handmade kitchen set matched the colors in her kitchen and, of course, were very well received.

My husband with his Titans fleece hoodie.
 Husband's hoodie was very appreciated and he has only taken it off long enough for it to be washed.

My granny with her new quilt.
 Granny was over joyed at her new quilt and exclaimed, "I was wondering when you were going to make me a quilt!"

Me and Granny with her quilt.

My husband opening his quilt for our anniversary.
 Husband has been wanting me to make him a quilt and had been complaining asking for handmade items for himself as he saw all of these other handmades being created and given away. So, I set to making him a quilt around the time it was just beginning to get chilly outside.
I knew I wanted to make him an Austin Peay State University quilt because he loves AP almost as much as he loves me. We both graduated from there and attend all home basketball games. I created a logo AP pattern out of newspaper and cut out my pieces and appliqued them on. I set it off with two borders and quilted it. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

full view of husband's new quilt


All ready to cuddle under while watching his favorite team.


  1. love the AP quilt, looks great

  2. That has got to make you feel so good to have the things you made with love LOVED!


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