Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feedsack Fun and a Sack Sack!

I had purchased a couple feed sacks at an estate sale last summer and wasn't sure what to do with them at the time I bought them, so I just got a few.

The other day I was thinking about I didn't like the curtains in my laundry room. They are just some that were left here when we bought the house. Lacey curtains really aren't me. I got to thinking that I could make some new ones out of the feedsacks I had bought. So, I went to work!

Here is the before photo:

And, here is the after:

I think they are just too cute! I really like how it changes the look. I wish I bought more of them now so I could have enough to make some more curtains for the dining room. They would be adorable in a kitchen but I don't have any windows in there!

I also needed a new grocery bag holder or a sack sack as I like to call them. I used this tutorial. I didn't use the charm pack (I cut my own squares) and I left out the elastic from the top so it would be easier to load the sacks inside. I also used a cute piece of trim for the loop instead of the elastic.

The quilting made it really sturdy so this one is sure to last a lot longer than my previous one I made.I really like the look of it too.

My new year sewing to do list is growing by the day and I can't possibly keep up. I find myself getting distracted by other tasks that need to be done like cleaning and the ever important task of surfing the internet for new tutorials and watching Little Hose on the Prairie!


  1. Love your new curtains! Really changes the look of the windows.

  2. How fun, the feed sacks really do add to the look of the windows. I need to make a sack sack. I have them in a plastic tote on a shelf.


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