Friday, January 21, 2011

Under the Weather

My machine is under the weather. ::insert sad and depressed face:: 

(Ignore the out of date calender)
He has lots of work to do too and I had wanted to get this top finished by Monday. That isn't going to happen now. 

I have to find someone to fix him now. He makes a loud noise while sewing that almost sounds like grinding. Also, he kinda freaked out a little yesterday mid-sew on top speed. I think he may have said a few choice words at me when I tried to keep going so he's quietly resting now until I can find somewhere to take him. Until then, there will be no more sewing. ::insert saddest face you ever saw::


  1. have you oiled every hole you can find and let it set for a few hours to absorb all the oil, then try?

  2. I hope he all better soon. Looks he has lots of pretty squares to sew together :)

    The quilt shop near me has a man that stops in once a week to pick up machines and brings them back the next week. Maybe if you call around you can find a place near you that has a system like that. Good luck!!

  3. I am so sorry. That is a bumber. I took my machine in back in October to be fixed. It was making a horrible grinding sound also. They did not fix it. Two weeks ago I bought a new bobbin case at Joanns for less than $3.00. My machine is a Brother and the case was for a Singer. It fixed it. The case was tighter and bigger. Try that out and see if that helps.


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