Friday, January 6, 2012

Farewell, Old Friend. Hey There, New Love!

 It was a sad day when my trusty Brother got cranky and finally decided he had sewn his last stitch. The day wasn't without tears and desperation. But light began to shine again and through a few resources (including selling some handmade items--if you'd like to purchase various items like Bible covers, coin pouches, tote bags, etc... let me know!)  that were made available to me I was able purchase a new one.

So, this is farewell to Brother. I sewed my first quilt on him and he was a great teacher as I learned different sewing techniques. I enjoyed his ease of use and simple instructions. Thank you, my friend.

 The time has come to upgrade. And upgrade I did! May I introduce to ya'll to my fancy new Janome MC6300P! MC for short. She arrived UPS and when the man finally got here I leaped up and ran to the door! I ripped the box open and look what was inside!

 Here she is all put together with that lovely, spacious quilting board! She was so much larger than my old machine I had to come up with a new table to put her on. I finally ended up setting her on an old sewing cabinet that actually has a Kenmore sewing machine (that doesn't work) under her. This is a temporary fix until I can find a more suitable table. Right now, she is too elevated and my chair is too short so I'm reaching up a bit which makes for painful shoulders and back.

 Here she is sewing her first stitches in her new home!! I think she is excited! I can't believe how smooth and quiet she sews. It really is amazing. I love how you can wind the bobbin separately and don't even have to unthread the machine to do it.  I also love the button that cuts the thread after you finish sewing! That just amazes me every time! She also came with a knee lifter (not pictured) that I can use to lift the foot with my knee when I need to keep my hands on the fabric! Wow! Sometimes I just sit and admire her! There are foots galore that I can't wait to explore and I'm sure she does even more things than what the booklet says.

Ok, enough of this! I have to get back to my sewing studio!


  1. Enjoy your new toy and keep making beautiful new things!! :) Marla

  2. Very nice! Happy sewing with your new best friend :)


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