Saturday, March 17, 2012

Keeping with the Times


 I haven't posted in a while because lots of things have been going on in real life. You know that old poster with two chubby wrinkled pups that said, "Sometimes we sits and thinks. And sometimes we just sits."? I think we can turn that around and say, "Sometimes we quilt and thinks. And sometimes we just quilt." This quilt was major therapy for me because I haven't sewn anything for myself in a long time and I had some things to think about. I was at a point when I needed to sew something for myself. I know we all get there. 

And now on to the quilt story......

I found this beautiful scrappy quilt top at a tag sale (I also purchased another one that I will showcase later). It is lovingly hand pieced and very well put together because I didn't have to make any repairs! I only paid $12.50 for it. Isn't that sad? Of course I was delighted at the bargain but if I'm dead and someone tried to sell my quilt top for $12.50 you better believe there will be some haunting going on. And it won't be the nice kind. 


It seemed to pass inspection. 

I wanted to  keep this quilt timely so I used a vintage sheet to back it and vintage fabric for the binding.

I wanted to a different quilting method but I really need to learn and practice some and broaden my horizons. I ended up staying with my usual stipple. 

I choose this vintage red stripe for binding.

I'm pretty pleased with this quilt. It really came at a great time. I just needed to quilt something and so I did. Who knows if the lady that made this top is still alive but I have put it to use and I know she would be pleased and happy to know where it is now. Looking at all the different fabrics and wondering where they came from is something I could do for hours. Some are obviously clothes, some may be sheets, curtains, or maybe tablecloths. I find it very artistic.

The back is a vintage sheet I have been hanging on to for quite some time. I knew I would find the right use for it. This quilt ended up being very heavy with the cotton batting and heavy sheet on the back. It is twin size and will make a great cuddling quilt on cold nights.


  1. I'm glad this quilt top made it into good hands and will be appreciated and used. I always wonder about the makers of these afghans you find at garage sales and flea markets marked for a quarter. I hope you're OK and your time off thinking was good for your soul :)

    1. Thank you! At that same tag sale they had a pretty lilac afghan without a price and I wanted to price it but husband talked me out of it. He said we have enough "covers" already. LOL

  2. It is a really pretty and timeless treasure - thanks for sharing :)


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