Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies

There were a ton of yard/tag/estate sales in the paper but I only found a few that looked like they would be any good. So, off we went early this morning, at about 7:30, because I heard of a few sales with fabric. Around here, the fabric won't last very long so we had to get out early. 

The first sale I found a bin with sacks of fabric for $0.50 per sack. I got two; the others had fabric for upholstery and clothing.  That is where most of the fabric in the picture came from. Starting from the top: vintage orange/brown paisley, blue/white plaid, orange/black halloween print, vintage blue flowers, and a red/white plaid at the top.

The next yard sale was actually an estate sale where they sell everything in the house. In this case it was a flower shop business. I got the three bottom fabrics above: blue flags, blue stars, and vintage blue with flowers. There is nice yardage on all of them. I got all the fabric in the pic for a total of $3.50.

I also found a stack of quilting books. I would have bought them all but I picked out a few that I couldn't leave without because a few of them were priced way to high.  I got two BH&G Quilting magazines from Oct 05 and Feb 06. They always have nice patterns in them. I also got Time Crunch Quilts by Nancy Martin. I thumbed through it and saw lots of quilts I'd like to make. The other book is Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt by Marti Mitchell. It is filled with simple quilts made from squares and strips using easy piecing techniques. Lastly, there is a small book called Vintage Gathering by Kaye England. It has well-known quilt patterns in it using stars and squares. I got all the books for $6.50.

If you noticed a cat tail in this photo, you would be correct. He ran through right as I was taking the shot. He had to be sure and examine each item I bought!

I have been cleaning all week trying to get the house in a nice clean state so it will be pleasant to stay inside during the winter. I didn't do any sewing this week but I hope to get started this coming week on a nice warm winter quilt for our bed. I better hurry because the cold is approaching fast!


  1. Very nice finds. There are not too many yard sales around my area. I am going to start going to the thrift shops for sheets. There are quiet a few shops and I would love to get my hands on sheets to use for backs.

  2. i've never found fabric at a yard sale...lucky you


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