Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Things Done

Amy over at Amy's Creative Side has created a One Thing One Week Challenge. The goal being that those participating would complete one project or finish a project-in-the-works each week. I decided to join in because I have several things lying around that need finishing up or ideas that need starting. For example, I have several quilts in my head that I have been putting off because of the heat. I quilt upstairs and our a/c doesn't reach up there. I have a small window unit that tries its best but when it is any hotter than 85 it just can't do the job. So, I have been coming up with smaller projects that don't take any longer than a couple hours to do so that I can complete them in the morning before it gets too hot.

I have other projects in my head like placemats, wall quilts, and curtains. I guess that's just how a creative person's mind works.

My project this week is to sew two more cushions for the patio chairs. If you remember, I have completed two so far. I was waiting until I found a couple more at a yard sale. Well, I found two last weekend. That's my goal. Two cushions. I should be able to find time to do that, right?

It is such a pretty day here today. I had to share a picture of what I get to look at everyday outside my living room window.

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