Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Thing, One Week Challenge

Last week Amy challenged her readers to determine to complete one thing over the course of one week. I chose to sew up the two remaining cushions for my patio. Remember how I had found two at a yard sale and was trying to find two more?

Anyways, I completed my goal a few days ago and was happy to finally have a comfy place to sit on the patio. Husband and I sat out there one evening when it wasn't so hot and it was nice until we started talking how we needed to paint the patio and spray paint the patio furniture. Ha! There is always something to be done!

These pictures aren't some fancy camera trick I tried to do. It was actually so humid the day I took these photos, the camera lens fogged up. You get the idea anyways!

I've still been going through my fabric stash and cutting it into 5" squares. I hope to finish cutting soon and get to sewing. I'll share more about that later!

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