Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sampler Quilt

I finished the Sampler Quilt from Amy's Quilt Along! I LOVE it!!! I can't even express to you how proud I am of this quilt. I had plans ever since I saw examples of beautiful sampler quilts at various quilt shows and exhibits. I knew I wanted to use soft colors and vintage fabrics. I also knew I wanted to quilt each square true to its layout.

When Amy was having a sampler quilt along I knew my opportunity had arrived. Amy always has great tutorials and easy to follow instructions with lots of pictures. I knew it would be challenging for me but I had confidence I could get through it. Well, I think I not only got through it, but I succeeded greatly at achieving my goal.

This quilt looks just like I wanted it to. I used a 100% cotton batting instead of a poly blend I normally use. It gave the quilt a great weight and antique feeling. It quilted beautifully. I just love the way this quilt feels. It is so soft and reminds of laying under my grandmother's quilts.

This is my favorite quilt I have made thus far. I also have overcome many of my quilting fears like half-square-triangles, matching up seams, and straight-line-quilting. I really feel like I can do anything quilting wise now as long as I take it low and slow and give it my best shot. Thank you to Amy for having this awesome quilt along and doing a great job!

I LOVE this quilt!!!


  1. Brittany, You did an absolutely awesome piece of work on this quilt! It is gorgeous! You have come a long way in quilting.

    Wendy Cartmell
    St Paul, MN

  2. wow, you did an amazing job on this quilt, i love it and your quilting is great

  3. Great job Brittany!

    I love the colors!


  4. This quilt came out great and I just LOVE the quilting! It must have been a ton work to do all the quilting on each block and it just looks fabulous. I'm still getting my sashing cut and hopefully sewing together my top this week. I've been wondering how to quilt it so I'm so glad I found yours today. I may copy!!

  5. Your sampler quilt is gorgeous! I am finally (a year after finishing the blocks) getting ready to quilt mine and have been looking for inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely quilt!


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