Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stitch and Turn

stitch, stitch, stitch...turn, shove, push....stitch, stitch, stitch... turn, shove....

That is what I have been doing today.

It sure is slow going quilting this sampler quilt but I wanted it quilted this way to make it a true old-fashioned sampler.

I hope I can finish it in a few days. I am really enjoying quilting it though. When I finish each block I like to look at it and check out the back. I think the quilt will be equally as pretty on the back.

Four blocks down, 12 to go!


  1. Wow that is so great. I love the way your quilting it. I think your quilt turned out wonderful. I have my top done but I need to get some fabric for my back.

  2. this is looking very lovely ! good job !


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