Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yard Sales Finds

I did pretty good this weekend at the yard sales after having two to three horrible weekends in a row of bad sales. 

From top of the photo: eembroidered Pillow case with purple flowers. It has no stains and is in great condition. I may use it for crafting for I may just use it as a pillow case! It was $0.10. Next to it is an embroidered hankerchief with yellow flowers. It is also in great condition and I got it for $0.10 also. I got the litter box liners for $0.10 and was ecstatic when I found the wire wreath forms! I needed those for an upcoming project and was putting off buying them at the store. I am so happy I found them for $1 for both! You can also see the blue/green goblet I got up in the corner. Here is a better look:

Isn't it cute? It was only $0.50. I like how the top of it looks dipped in a different color.

I got these old cloth feed sacks and I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with them. I couldn't pass them up at $0.25 each. They had a pile of them but these were the ones that looked the best. I may frame them or do some kind of quilty thing.

The framed picture is actually an oil painting. It looks old and is framed very nicely. I'm going to clean it up and hang it in my living room. I got it for $0.50 The other items are cards. There is a whole set of Christmas cards with envies and a set of variety cards with envies. I got those for $1 each box. 

I'd say I did pretty good!

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  1. i've been on the search for some feed sacks, not having much luck, then again i haven't been looking too hard


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